Introducing: The Champions of Legend

2017-06-01 20:13:57 by thebitterroost

After a decade-long hiatus from releasing anything of my own and mainly participating in others' projects, I officially have dipped a claw back in the waters with this offering:


The Champions of Legend is the answer to the question, "Why isn't anyone making badass 80s-style training-montage jams anymore?"

Enough was enough. I decided it was time to take up the cause. 

You can find this EP wherever digital music is being thrown around: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.

(The title song and cover art are the logical conclusion of the most epic NBA Jam "Heating up, He's On Fire" streak ever.)


2015-06-28 19:25:36 by thebitterroost

Hello! I'm sure Newgrounds has new blood all the time. Well, here's a drop or two more. I make metal jams heavily inspired by retro video games and the classics like Maiden/Priest/Dio/etc. Gimme a listen and bang your head, dudes/dudettes! \m/